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The Artist's Plieght by MuseofLullabys
The Artist's Plieght
Okay, so I can't have been the only person to ever hear the phrase "Oh, you draw *insert your signature style here*. That's cool and all but can't you draw REAL art like _______? (typically realism is placed in this open slot). And, quite honestly, this comic spawned from my being tired of hearing that.

xD I know there's a few of you that can identify with this :D


Daisy Mae
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United States
Hello! Name's Museoflullabys, but I go by Daisy on here unless you've got me on Facebook.

Welcome to my DA page :) I'm a nerd of many mediums, and at the moment predominately a drawing hobbyist, although my dream is to become either a comic artist or a author. If you like my doodles or if you want to talk, then feel free to send a message! :D

Art Trades include both digital art and literature, but for quicker results literature is the better of the two. I am willing to write from a G rating all the way to an R, but I do have limitations. If you'd like an art trade, message me on either the comments below, note, or find me on Skype.

I do take commissions and Art Trades(mainly between friends). If you like my drawing style or writings and would want to commission me yourself, once again leave me a note or message and I'd be happy to get back with you! I also have a facebook page for my commission work linked here:…
Hey everyone! Just wanting to get something off my chest. Don't worry it's nothing serious or anything. It's just....

I HATE PEARL from Steven Universe.

This comes as no surprise to anyone who's seen my Top Ten Least Favorite Characters list, but looking back I'm surprised I only put her at number ten(which after the past few episodes I've seen, I was being generous). I know from a lot of Steven Universe fans I'll get hate myself for confessing this, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and mine won't change unless, as I hope, Pearl gets a dose of her own medicine.

This isn't blind hate, so allow me to elaborate.

I don't like Pearl because she is a terrible person(using the term loosely here since she's a Gem).

How is she terrible? Well, I've noticed a few things throughout the series that have turned, over the course of growing arcs, from mild annoyances to making Pearl the only reason I don't watch teh series as often as I would normally. Let's start with the mildest offense: her 'I'm better than you attitude'. That type of personality has never gelled with me, and it's always been like sandpaper. While she has been humbled a few times, I feel as though Pearl needs to tone it down, since this flaw bleeds into her other, more detrimental flaws. As in her predjiduce against humans. Predjiduce you ask? From a lighthearted children's show? That isn't just a yes, but a hell yes. Allow me to explain. Pearl hates humans. She does, and she doesn't even hide it. She constantly belittles humans in Steven's life, such as Greg and the others he hangs around with. This also heavily influences her treatment of Connie, which I'll get to in a moment. She knows human nature, yes, but she constantly fails to respect humans as a species. She blames Greg for everything, and in the flashbacks we see her calling him a phase, and an it upon first meeting him. An IT. She doesn't even refer to him by his name. This has apparently not changed since I believe she heavily blames Greg for Rose's death. And now we return to her treatment of Connie in one of the latest episodes(which I love simply because Connie is awesome and Steven is a cinnamon bun too pure for this world). Pearl brainwashes Connie, by both manipulating her love for Steven as well as the primal human need of being a part of something bigger and the fear of mortality. She constantly makes Connie say 'I don't matter'. 'I'm not made for fighting'. 'I'm JUST a human.' Steven notices this and stands up to her, thank God, but I believe the beginnings of somethign truly sinister were at work. I believe that Pearl believes humans are expendable, that Connie is just a knight, a pawn to protect her beloved Rose. Why did I not say Steven? Her obsession with Rose is creepy, unsettling, and wrong. Now why did I say obsession and not love? While in teh show it is dressed up as adoration, since that's how Steven currently sees things, we see clearly Pearl was unhealthily attatched to Rose. She claims to the other gems 'You didn't have what we had!!!', and she idolizes her through various means such as paintings and statues of a larger than life persona. She was too obsessed to see that Rose was just another gem and not this goddess that she made her out to be, it didn't fit into her delusion.  In flashbacks, we see her have isolating behaviors, as to keep her precious, perfect Rose Quartz away form those filthy humans, even fusing in front of Greg to say 'You're not good enough for her. I can be a part of her'. She 'loves' Rose. And that's the only part of Steven she loves. Not him, as the perfect fusion between Greg and Rose, a sweet boy who is braver than she'll ever be. She loves the gem on his stomach. That's it. The fact he is part Pearl is the only reason she 'loves' him. Think the obsessive tendencies are out of the way? Try the creepy way she ALWAYS watches him sleep.

WHat I hope happens is that Pearl is told off or given a reality check, much like Goku needed during the Cell games when he was allowing Gohan to be killed since he thought his son was another him. Piccolo, someone who truly knew Gohan, knew Gohan wasn't a clone of Goku, that he was his own person and a scared child at that. Pearl needs to be told, and SHOWN, and have it actually break through that Bitch-Thirsty demenor of hers that Steven. Is. Not. ROSE. I think Pearl is going to cross the line again, as he did with Connie, but worse in order for Steven, I hope(please Rebecca Sugar!!!) to tell her off and show her how wrong she is. Pearl needs a wake up call, and a slap in the face. And I want Steven, since he's the lead and I love him, to put Pearl in her place.

So yeah. Pearl sucks and I find her unbearable. If you love Pearl, to each their own, but I find her a terrible person who needs to face reality instead of lingering in her fantasy.

:D So, me venting over cartoons is fun xD
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