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Once upon a time,
in a kingdom of seven mountains,
there were seven princes.
When the king attained a great
age, he divided his kingdom
into seven parts, for the princes
would quarreled with one another
on who would be king.

For years, the seven princes
ran each kingdom as they saw
fit, often waging wars against
each other to attain more land.
This, however, only resulted in
hundreds' of servants' deaths.

This changed one winter, when an
old beggar traveling the countryside
visited six of the seven princes.
The man whore a black cloak with a
black mask, and wielded a burned
sycamore cane.

The first prince, the eldest,
was a beautiful but vain man,
who would only accept the most
beautiful gifts, and would speak
only to those he deemed as beautiful
as he.

When the old beggar pled him for
shelter from the harsh winter,
the prince scorned him;
"You are ugly, and only those
as beautiful as I shall lend
my ear!"

That night, the first prince
woke with a start, and a fright,
for his face had been stolen,
melting away before his eyes.
In despair, the prince hung
himself, for he felt nothing
without his face.

The second prince lusted over
knowledge, so much so that he
forbade his kingdom to read or
learn so he would be the only
scholar in all the land.

When the old beggar came to
his door pleading for shelter,
the prince scowled at his humble
speech; "Be gone from me, ignorant
fiend! Only those as learned as I
shall speak in my kingdom!"

The next morn, his servants
were startled to find their
prince in his study, his head
crushed in his own book.

The third prince was known
as a glutton throughout all
seven kingdoms. He often ordered
his subjects to surrender their
crops and stock so that he could
feast every day as the king he
believed himself to be.

When the old beggar pled unto
the third prince for shelter
and food, the prince snarled
at him; "Be gone, frail bird!
The spoils of my kingdom are
for my pallet alone!"

The next morn, he was found
upon his own table, the centerpiece
of his daily feast. He was bound,
roasted as a pig with an apple
in his mouth, and olives for

The fourth prince was a haughty,
brawny man who thirsted for nothing
more than victory from combat. He
would order every able bodied man
no matter the age to battle him.
He won every time, and took their
heads as trophies.

When the old beggar pled the
fourth prince for shelter, the
prince sneered at him, "Leave,
frail cur! For only those
stronger than I shall enter
my palace!"

The next dusk, the fresh group
of warriors discovered their
prince in the center of his
arena, his sword thrust into
the earth, his head on the hilt.
His body was never found through
all of the seven kingdoms.

The fifth prince adored power
and wealth. He would tax his
kingdom more and more until
his kingdom nearly withered.
Every night, before bed, he
would bathe in the gold coins
he had collected.

When the old beggar pled him
from shelter from the growing
harshness of winter, the fifth
prince snubbed his nose, "Depart
from my home, wretched peasant!
Only if you give me a satchel
of gold shall you enter."

The next morn, the fifth prince's
appointed tax collectors discovered
a satchel laying on the throne of
their prince, his body cut up into
tiny fragments, and stuffed inside
the bag.

The sixth prince, the last known
to be visited by the beggar, was
a cruel man. He delighted in the
suffering of others, finding rapture
in torturing his subjects with traps
he created in boredom.

When the beggar pled the sixth
prince for shelter, the prince
only smiled, drawing his favorite
dagger, "The only way you shall
enter my castle is in pieces!"

After hearing a deathly scream,
the prince's subjects rushed to
the entrance of the castle,
finding the sixth prince's body
contorted into knots, his black
heart cast into the snow. His
favorite dagger laid neatly by
the threshold, without one spec
of blood.

While on his way to the seventh
prince's palace, the winter storm
became too much for the old beggar.
He was buried waist deep in the
snow, pleading for any townsman
who passed to help him.

Much to his surprise, none of
the men stopped to help the old
beggar. They simply looked upon
him, and ran for their own homes.

The old beggar rested his head on
the snow in great sadness, closing
his eyes and waiting for death to
take him as he drifted into sleep.

However, when the old beggar opened
his eyes, he found himself in a
small, tattered cabin just outside
the forest of the seventh kingdom,
wrapped in a blanket with a fire
roaring close.

There, hunched over the fireplace,
sat a large, thick creature with
long hair, large hands and long
tusks, a long tail dragging across
the stone floor. The creature was
a troll, and the troll looked over
to the old beggar, pouring a bowel
of soup from the pot and brought it
to the man.

"Please, eat." Spoke the troll,
who looked as though he himself
were starving, "You need this more
than I. Eat."

The old beggar thanked him,
looking at the soup before
looking back at the troll;
"You live so poorly." He
told the troll, "Why is

"The people of the kingdom
call me a monster,for I do
not look like them." The
troll told the old beggar,
"I live here so they cannot
harm me as much."

"That is horrible." Said the
beggar as he ate his soup,
"Is this your only meal?"

"Please." Spoke the troll,
tucking him into the blankets,

And so the old beggar thanked
the troll again before finishing
the soup, and falling asleep.

Several months had passed until
the winter melted into spring,
and the old beggar was still a guest
at the troll's home. Whispers rung
through all seven kingdoms of the
old man, but the troll heeded them
not, for they were simple rumors,
nothing more.

While out gathering herbs for
the night's meal, the troll was
cornered by the men of the seventh
kingdom, "Why do you not heed us,
monster? Why do you entertain
that old beggar when we've told
you of what happened in the other
six kingdoms?!"

"I do not know." Spoke the troll,
"Nor do I care of rumors. He is
my friend, and shall be my company
until he wishes dismissal."

The townsmen were enraged,
binding the troll against the
eldest sycamore tree, throwing
large stones at the troll.

The old beggar heard the
noise, and rushed from the
cottage, stepping before
the troll between stones,
"Do not harm my friend!"

The townsmen looked to one
another, laughing haughtily
at the old beggar, "And what
sway have you, old beggar?
You are as the troll;

The old beggar undid his
black cloak, and tossed
away his mask. As he did,
his ugliness melted away,
revealing a handsome man
dressed in fine garbs. This
man was the seventh prince,
who the townsmen knew was
well learned in magic.

The townspeople tried to
apologize, but they could
not sway the seventh prince,
for he had seen the uncaring
of his own subjects' hearts.

With a wave of the burned
sycamore cane, the prince
rendered every man there
into dust, scattering what
was left into the wind. The
binds holding the troll were
melted away, and the troll
bowed humbly before the prince
in great fright.

But the prince bade the troll
to stand, smiling brightly as
the spring; "Do not kneel before
me. I am the same man you tended
to with such care these past few
months." The prince took the troll's
hands, "As a reward for your kindness,
you shall have anything. Anything
within the seven kingdoms is yous,
my friend!"

But, the troll shook his head,
"My lord, I've no right to ask
for more than I've been given.
My only wish in this life was
to have company, and to not be
alone; for trolls do not have

The prince laughed happily,
"Then you shall never know
loneliness again! You are now
my brother, and therefore shall
come with me to my palace, and
live as a prince!"

And so, the seventh prince had
reclaimed all seven kingdoms
and all seven mountains as his
own. He crowned the troll as a
prince, and he and the seventh
prince lived in his palace in
content forever after.
The Seven Princes: Re-Release
Upon stumbling through my old works, I found this little gem I'd written years ago in a blind moment of what the hell :D

It is more of a Grimm style fairy tale, as in I don't think Disney will want to ever make this unless they get their Notre Dame balls back. Nontheless, it's one I wouldn't mind having to tell my kids before bed if I ever have any.

A tale of seven princes that...doesn't end exactly how you expect, but in a way it's still the classic fairytale :D
The Last Appalachian Mountain Troll: Jerico by MuseofLullabys
The Last Appalachian Mountain Troll: Jerico
A somewhat revival of a mainstay from my college years: Jerico, the last Appalachian mountain troll in his full Troll form. As many of you may not be aware, the mountainous region of Appalachia in the United States has it's fair share of mythos and urban legends. While the Whompus Cat and the Moth Man are more well known, not too many people have heard of the mountain trolls of Appalachia. Essentially the old miners would always say that if the canaries they had sent in the mines with them had died, it was the work of trolls. This, of course, was before they discovered Methane.

However, in my rendition of the mythos, they were actually highly resilient to methane, hid from human sight often, and were solitary burrowers. Due to issues with mating, environmental factors, and all the fun stuff of reality, they were driven to near extinction. Save for a lone troll, a passive and gentle soul named Jerico.

I have also written a fairy tale some years back which included this same troll(albeit his stutter was not included and his backstory not expanded upon) Seven Princes

Let me know what you guys think of him! And yes, he has a more 'human' form, but I've not toyed with his troll form in quite some time. :D
Crooked Mile by MuseofLullabys
Crooked Mile
My character, Crooked Sixpence, before he became 'crooked'. There is a story involving him, but I'm wanting to rewrite it. Essentially, he's a detective from a space exploring future where caffeine is undergoing its own prohibition.
Types of Fangirling pt 2 by MuseofLullabys
Types of Fangirling pt 2
Part II of my Types of Fangirling comic strip.

Major thanks to the awesome, talented, and hilarious :iconinverted-mind-inc: for letting me use her and Laughing Man from teh Cheshire Studios podcast in my comic :D Seriously, go check her out and check out CCS on Youtube and their website! These guys are awesome!

And ys, my Muse gets me in all kinds of predicaments ><;
Types of Fangirling pt 1 by MuseofLullabys
Types of Fangirling pt 1
For all of us Fangirls(and this applies to all genders so nyeh), we all know there are three basic types of Fangirl Crushes. My little Muse explains in a style only she can what those three types are.


If the print is a little small, forgive my poor handwriting.

(also, props if you know who the character on the pillow is ;)

Types of Fangirling pt 2


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Hello! Name's Museoflullabys, but I go by Daisy on here unless you've got me on Facebook.

Welcome to my DA page :) I'm a nerd of many mediums, and at the moment predominately a drawing hobbyist, although my dream is to become either a comic artist or a author. If you like my doodles or if you want to talk, then feel free to send a message! :D

Art Trades include both digital art and literature, but for quicker results literature is the better of the two. I am willing to write from a G rating all the way to an R, but I do have limitations. If you'd like an art trade, message me on either the comments below, note, or find me on Skype.

I do take commissions and Art Trades(mainly between friends). If you like my drawing style or writings and would want to commission me yourself, once again leave me a note or message and I'd be happy to get back with you! I also have a facebook page for my commission work linked here:…
News abound!

On the topic of my moving, through careful consideration and the like, I've made a decision. Although I'm greatful to my friends for allowing me the opportunity to come down, I've decided that it was better if I stayed home during the holiday seasons, and to do my best to get my license and get a better job. Make no mistake, I want to move one day, but at the moment I've discovered I'm not ready yet. In a way, I'm relieved that that pressure isn't weighting on me anymore, but in a way I'm a little sad that I was a little too scared to take that kind of risk yet. But, I want to make the best of the decision I made :)
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