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Crickett by MuseofLullabys
And I believe here's the last member of our main cast. My alien baby Crickett. Now this one took quite some time to draw, in that I mean he was outside my comfort zone and I'm incredibly proud of the fact he is finally drawn :D  I figured since the story I'm apparently making is sci fi with heavy 1930's influence, why not have a bad ass aboriginal alien species?

Real Name: Zhy'llah Tymoha (ch+z-yah-lah ti-moh-yah)
Height: 6'11
Weight: 260 lbs
Age: 18
Ethnicity/Race: Ckrikytt (cr-i-k-et)
Skin: Light Blue
Eyes: Teal (happy) Violet(angry)
Occupation: Bouncer at Hopper's Cafe(night) Factory Worker(day)

Family; Mother(deceased) Father(deceased) Grandfather: Tchlaj'ah Tymoha(deceased)

Born in the Hephestan Mountains(a mixture of the bayou/marsh and of Appalachia), Crickett was the only son of a withering Ckrikytt couple. Upon their passing when he was barely a year old, he was taken in by his well respected tribal grandfather, who tried to raise him apart from Red Nehq society to maintain his heritage, as well as protect him from their cruelty since he experienced quite a bit as a child at their hands. However, Crickett eventually began interacting with the miners of the Hephestan Mt. town where he lived, he discovered that while some were cruel and ignorant, a good deal of them were kind as well. However, when he happened upon a young woman being attacked by a few drunkards, he accidentally killed them in protecting her. In order to protect him, a few of the townspeople put him on the next train to New Callisto to avoid being persecuted and sentenced to death. After arriving, he followed the recommendation of the conductor and went to Hopper's cafe, and being a subspecies of aboriginal he gave him a job in both the factory as well as a bouncer for his cafe.

Crickett is rather gentle, innocent, and naive. He tends to greet his friends, man or woman, with a light brush of his antenna. Despite his passive nature, he learned the fighting style of his people predominately for self defense(his weapons being bone that protrudes from his arms, and his own blood that turns acidic when in contact with oxygen). His kind are extremely adaptive, and his generation are fully capable of breeding with humans successfully if need be. He speaks in 'chirps', mostly due to his being isolated until a later age. But,the other three cast members understand him perfectly. He loves all animals but loves cathhals(cat like large spiders) the most.
Haja Ra by MuseofLullabys
Haja Ra
Another character for my sci fi idea of a distopian space 1930's where caffine is in prohibition and all those who are not wealthy and white are considered 'titles', or lower class. And yes, even certain white people are considered 'titles' in this universe, such as Red Rehq (appalachians/cajuns), Crooked(one who's reputation is tarnished), and Sixpence(an old slur for Ira (Irish) Immigrants.

First came Crooked Sixpence from a story that sorely needs revising. Then JC, his trigger happy, Shakespeare reading partner. And now we have my first female character of the story. And believe me, it took me forever to get her just right.

Here's where she and JC have their own little interaction:…

Also, as a sidenote, Mushla'han heavily mirrors middle eastern practices, but isn't completely that.

Haja Ra
Actual name: Fatima Malala
Age: 15
Height: 5'5
Wight: 183 lbs(mostly in her hips and thighs)
Hair: Dark brown
Ethinicity: Rajahan(Middle Eastern, predominately Persian and Turkish cultures)
Faith: Mushla'han(heavily inspired by Islam)
Occupation: Barista of Hopper's Cafe

Mother: Lydia Malala(alive), Father: Muhaat Malala(unknown), Elder Sister: Lycasta Malala(deceased)

Is a refugee from Rajahan since the age of 10, was born to a middle class Rajahan family. After being shipped with her sister to the only Quuil(this universes ISIS) unoccupied town at the age of six, Fatima and her elder sister, Lycasta, lived in a home of other unwed women until Lycasta was arranged by the home to marry a rather hateful businessman. However, when Lycasta began to die of a slow disease, she had Fatima shipped to New Castillo in order to protect her from having to marry after her death. Fatima, or Haja Ra as she's called in New Castillo, is quite studious, predominately in literature and mechanics. She creates an electro-net 'shield' in order to protect herself from attackers within days of moving to N.C. She is an adoring bookworm, modest and slightly soft spoken, but estranged to her culture in that she has male companions. Her main goal is to eventually own her own library, perhaps even become a teacher or inventor of great things. Has a weakness for Victorian Literature and tea sets of all kinds. Is petrified of spiders.
Annoyance by MuseofLullabys
Looking to the girl before him, her cheek bruised by the roughness of a worked, over-privileged hand and lip busted and lightly dripping with soft pearls of deepest crimson, JC's eyes glimmered only a fraction before being greeted with a blurred silhouette in the distance of the staggering halls. So, she was being chased, hm? How pitiful. Then again, the non-title swine never ceased to disgust him with their harassment, but to harass such a young lady was completely revile. And a Haja Ra nontheless. With the slightest nod, he motioned for the young woman to enter before shutting the door deftly behind him, locking it just in case. "The coat closet. Don't make a sound, hear me?" She nodded shakily, so much he pitied the young dear. With a whirr of sound and lock, he opened the coat closet door, letting her creep inside and shutting it to. "It don't lock, so stay as silent as you can. I'll make them go away." She murmured a thank you in what he knew was Rajahan, but alas he wasn't quite skilled in tongue enough to speak it as fluently as his mother's tongue. A thrice rough thump shook his harlem door, making him grit his slightly sharper canines together in a corse motion that never ceased to spark some fear in those who knew his temperament.

"Open up, JC!"

"This is the New Callisto Master Chief, open up, damn it!"

With a swift motion of his wrist, he unbolted the door, and standing before him were two near translucent caspers, hair blonder than the starkest yellow paints and eyes so blue it sickened him. One slightly pudgy and round in the face, clearly the younger cadet, and the other more sturdy, the senior. Rolling his eyes some, he placed hands on his slightly narrow hips, glaring a dark brown eye at the two of them. One that wasn't smothered in his beloved Samson locks. "The hell you two want? Don't you know it's rude to interrupt a person's bath?"

"You're a title, not a person, JC." Snarked the younger cadet, making the foolish mistake of taking a step. However, the elder was wise to him, having met him once before when JC was still an 'official', during an experimental time when they allowed titles and non titles to work integrated. Hell if that lasted long. "A Raja Ha was running this way. Little bitch was taking up work as a Night Dame. We know she's here, JC. "

Slowly, with great caution as a primed male lion stark in coal dust, he drug his tongue along his predominately ivory teeth, his wild grin burning to the corners of his mouth and even farther past the point of sanity. Eyes widened, pupils dilated in their primal warning of danger to his enemies.

The senior, who knew JC too well from that one interaction, cleared his scratchy throat, "JC, what my cadet means to say is that we were giving chase to a Haja Ha who was believed to be a Night Dame. When my cadet interrogated her, she assaulted him and we gave proper chase. You know it's illegal for a title to assault a non title."

"And yet a title can be beaten to death by a non?"


"-if I had a Skirt in my apartment, you bet your pale asses I wouldn't be standing here." Purring in lethal dipped poison for each, articulated word, his grin unable to lengthen anymore than it already was at this point. "You'd be hearing whimpers and moans for hours, maybe even days if I wooed her in the right way. But, as you can see, I've just came from the bath. And how much sense would it make to bathe before a proper wooing?" Head tilted down a little, he hooked his fingers into the hem of his towel, which already hung low to the hip bones, greeted with the beginnings of soft, black curls, "But, if you're itching to see something in the nude-"

"-JC, stop it-"

"-come now, the cadet's eager to see something naked. Think of it as a strip search, you've been practicing that, haven't you?"

"C-cut it out! I'm no Triangle!"

"Really? Personally I'm more of a rhombus." He offered the boy a wink that made the cadet's cheeks flush in rage.

"If you were a normal title, JC, you know we could easily interrigate you as well." The senior sighed heavily, gripping the cadet's shoulder and forcing him to move with a shove, "You carry that damn thing with you everywhere..."

Smirking some, he patted the mass strapped to his hip that bore a metal 'clink', "And you know, my good sir, that I'm a quick shot."

With a rough slam, the cadet shoved the door to, stomping off with the begrudging senior.

Waiting for the mismatched sets of cadance to soften over the course of a few minutes until nothing but silence rendered to his ears, he re-secured his towel, stepping over to the coat closet and opening the door, finding the young woman with hands over her eyes. "Curfew's about here. I've a guest room, my lady, and don't worry I know better than to pursue a girl. You're only fifteen, yes?" Her little nod was all he needed. Knowing better than to offer his hand, since Haja Ra didn't practice greeting men with a handshake due to their modesty, he simply bowed at the waist, "Forgive my presumptuousness, but you're the Barista at Hopper's Cafe? I am J'amie Mandell. I'd like to know your name." Upon further inspection, he found the grubby bastards even fractured her glasses.

Slowly, the girl removed her hands from over her eyes, cheeks flushed from his torso's state of undress, but bowing slightly in greeting. "I am Fatima Malala. Thank you."

"Don't worry about it. They were an annoyance anyway."


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! Name's Museoflullabys, but I go by Daisy on here unless you've got me on Facebook.

Welcome to my DA page :) I'm a nerd of many mediums, and at the moment predominately a drawing hobbyist, although my dream is to become either a comic artist or a author. If you like my doodles or if you want to talk, then feel free to send a message! :D

Art Trades include both digital art and literature, but for quicker results literature is the better of the two. I am willing to write from a G rating all the way to an R, but I do have limitations. If you'd like an art trade, message me on either the comments below, note, or find me on Skype.

I do take commissions and Art Trades(mainly between friends). If you like my drawing style or writings and would want to commission me yourself, once again leave me a note or message and I'd be happy to get back with you! I also have a facebook page for my commission work linked here:…
Hello one and all, and happy much belated new year :D

I do apologize for my relative inactivity on DA as of late. Aside from a few drawings that :iconinverted-mind-inc: had graciously allowed me to use the members of the CCS podcast for, I've not posted much of anything. Literary or artistically.

One reason being my new job had been kind enough to give me an abundance of hours, and thankfully this has allowed me to begin putting a few things in my personal life into order: student loan payments and hopeful driver's ed courses are within my grasp and will hopefully come into fruition if everything goes as well as I hope. I hope by this time next year I'll be that much closer to where I want to be, which is a self sustaining and capable young adult. Driving and all. Fingers crossed.

And reason number two is...well, the annual artist/writer's block has come back and with full force. While I have drawn a few things that I've wanted to for some time, and need to digitalize and post soon, aside from doodling I've been in a bit of a funk creatively. I'm not too sure whether or not it's been where I've been so preoccupied with my personal affairs or if it's been a result of me becoming boring, but inspiration is a fleeting thing that I find is becoming harder and harder for me to attain. It seems like every time I try to create something, two hours later I find myself hating the product, drawing or writing, that I've produced. Granted this has always been a problem and I don't know if it is for anyone else, but I just feel sometimes like I'm becoming boring and predictable. Also, sometimes I feel rather discouraged when I see the amazing and unfathomable progress my artistic and literary peers have made within the past few years, and it feels as though I may have either peaked too soon or my abilities are lackluster. At times I question if I have the skills or even motivation to pursue a profession in writing/animation/comics, given that I am predominately self taught and there are, quite frankly, more creative and talented people out there struggling to make it on their own terms. Or maybe I'm just being too harsh on myself, but I can't help but envy at least a little how talented all my artistic friends are as opposed to my meager abilities. Not to mention commissions, both on DA and on Facebook, have once again ran dry despite my best efforts to keep the whole commissions deal alive.

I am still taking commissions and drawing/writing, make no mistake. It is a part of who I am, and in reality I will never stop creating. I suppose I'm just in a bit of a funk is all.

So, for 2015 I'd at least like to make some improvements: both in the realm of art as well as personally.

I want to at least begin evolving my style in both realms of literature and art. I don't know whether or not this will mean more digital pieces, since they tend to hold more favor and result when posted as opposed to my more traditional works. However I am curious to see what you all, my friends here on DA, would like to see more of, and what you'd want to see change.

At the moment, project Collage is officially closed, but the characters are still open for my own use(the ones I've chosen to keep) and a possible Collage 2.0 could very well be in the works if I can find a coherent way to keep all the characters together. However, against my standard practice, I will not take down any previous endeavors of my work, as a testament to both wanting to improve and breaking an admittedly annoying habit of mine.

I am working on a horror character, the likes of which are completely new to me, as well as wanting to improve upon my sci-fi character Crooked Sixpence and make his story, Barista which will be redone and remade, much more coherient and much less...well, let's just say reading back on that story I could have done better. I may be bringing back Hel(Perchella), Jerico, Dr.Roswell Swinburne, and a tweaking of Hue Manuel. But, I would love to know for those who have either seen all my original characters, good and bad, or have been interested in Project Collage if these characters are worth salvaging. As I said before, the horror story will be made in due time, but if anyone is more well versed in the genre of horror than I am, I would love advice on how to set up an atmosphere to make a person truly afraid :D The sci-fi story was a risk, and oddly enough I found I quite liked the change from fantasy/anime-esque to science fiction/anime-ish. It was refreshing, so maybe a change in genres might do me some good every once in a while.

Also, for those interested in both my depiction of Snow White and Rose Red, The Princess and her Six Swans, and my original fairy tale Seven Princes, please let me know if you'd either want to see more art of them, or perhaps another remake/original fairy tale. Because to be honest those were quite fun as well.

Leave me a message if you'd like of things I could do to improve, or advice on how to remain inspired and interesting.
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